Website and mobile application development

Website development

Sentech Squad offers you ultra modern sites with a very intuitive and simple interface.

Boost your business

Stay visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The website is an essential tool that allows you to differentiate yourself and set up different marketing strategies.

Display your business on all types of screens

Our websites adapt to all types of screens, whether laptop, tablet or even smartphone. Adapting your website for free is essential and allows you to gain visibility.

A great way to communicate

Once in place, it can be a real marketing tool by setting up advertising campaigns.

Your website is an investment

You can see the benefits of a website. Your business will gain additional notoriety. Your web page can sell and answer questions on its own.

Mobile application development

We carry out all of the work necessary to build your application: from the idea to making it available to users. Depending on the level of progress of your project, we offer an adapted service to help you validate your concept, define the best possible user experience, develop, publish and maintain.

The advantages of a mobile application for your business:

Low cost marketing

An application allows you to launch promotions on mobile by personalizing them for your target. Also, you can use the conversion statistics of this operation performed from your application.

Create an exceptional relationship

Thanks to a smartphone application, you no longer need an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers.

Video surveillance system installation

Surveillance camera installation

The best systems now offer computer-like functions and features, such as motion sensors and automatic mobile notifications. Some even allow you to automatically contact law enforcement instantly if the need arises. Technological development has also led to more efficient ways of managing recording and storage. Business owners now have access to extremely powerful surveillance systems at relatively affordable prices.

Benefits of a surveillance system

Enjoy protection and ensure prevention against damage to your property, whether tangible or intangible. Finally, our teams are committed to protecting you personally against the risks we are running today. Our systems are often made up of a digital TCP / IP * recorder to which are connected different types of cameras, analog, IP, thermal, motorized 360 °, which can be interrogated remotely via Tablets / Smartphones.