Supply and installation of computer equipment

For all your hardware and IT equipment

Beyond advice and services, the supply of computer hardware and equipment is at the heart of our activities. We have forged numerous partnerships which allow us to offer you all the equipment at optimum conditions with an expert service: advice, purchase, installation, training, etc.

A rigorously selected range of materials

we save you the - often tedious - comparative study of the different equipment to buy! If our choice is naturally dictated by your needs and requirements, we add criteria of durability and quality of after-sales service.

Flexible maintenance program without interrupting your operations

Computers or other electronic devices require regular maintenance that will prolong their life or ensure you always have access to the next generation of compatible technology.

Equipment sales

The computer equipment that we offer you, among a huge selection of references, allows you to take advantage of all the current possibilities of the market. Thanks to our specialists, you will easily find what you are looking for and can take advantage of our reconditioned or new offers.