Study and method of industrialization of activity

Sentech Squad helps you set up monitoring and transformation methods to meet market demands as well as increase service production capabilities. You will have the opportunity to quickly assemble well-trained teams on the latest technologies and capable of implementing industrialization methods.

Our teams offer you methods that explain in detail an end-to-end operation. In these methods, we will define the eligibility conditions of an operation, decline it as an industrial need, describe the current state, the target state, and the different steps to go from one to the other. Then, we will describe the different cases on physical and logical architectural criteria. Finally, we define the tuning methods that will bring the site to commercial status.

Network configuration and basic configuration management

Sentech Squad allows you to ensure that the correct settings are applied on your network, day to day and during evolution operations.

Our engineering team allows you to ensure the continuity of existing services as well as the introduction of new equipment and new software levels for automation and operational reliability needs.

We are working on the switch from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G radio configuration to Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia. Our engineers are working on carrying out neighborhood operations and setting parameters on the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia networks.

Our teams are trained in project management, which is why we offer you a follow-up process in Agile mode via releases and sprints: From framing of the need, Realization, Recipe and Commissioning in this activity of network configuration management .

Integration and monitoring of network KPIs

Sentech Squad has a team of qualified integrators who ensure the logical part of the deployment as well as the support according to well-defined procedures.

We deploy with HUAWEI, ERICSSON, NOKIA equipment on the various 2G, 3G, 4G, NR5G and FTTH networks.

An in-depth analysis of the procedures and the required close-ups is ensured before each operation.

Our teams carry out equipment integration with the help of the field installation teams while providing them with the necessary technical support during operations.

In addition to the support provided, we provide you with specific monitoring of network performance according to the indicators defined with the customer.

Column Pole Load Calculation

Our load calculation division is specially dedicated to the deployment of fiber. As part of the deployment of FTTH fiber, we are carrying out load calculation studies on the overhead network poles for our telephone network operator customers.

Our experienced teams on the different calculation methods that we perform according to the client:

One will concern Enedis / ERDF support which will be studied through the COMAC program.

The other on FT supports calculated with the CAP FT software.

At the end of each study, the results and solutions selected will be delivered to the customer and will be used for deployment.

Supervision and follow-up of incidents

With our modern service center complying with security standards, Sentech squad provides you with permanent supervision of your system. Our teams have good experience with the most widely used tools on the market including TEMIP, OSS, M2000, U2000, OCEANE, etc.

We put in place effective procedures that meet customer expectations: End-to-end supervision (incident detection, creation, monitoring and closing of the intervention ticket).

We analyze the causes of the impacts and we determine the priority order for handling incidents according to well-defined criteria.

Our team provides technical support and management of maintenance teams during interventions on the various equipment of the fixed and mobile network.

Computer network

Computer network installation

We help you determine the type of network best suited to your needs. Our engineers advise you on the choice of your network architecture and equipment. We ensure the implementation of the local network and network security.

Our IP network infrastructure offer provides a concrete response to companies wishing to align their Information System with current technological challenges: management of real-time applications, staff mobility and increased need for reliability.

We support you in the development of your current local network, as part of a renovation, redevelopment or simply the arrival of a new employee. We set up protection for your network in order to secure your data.

Computer network maintenance

Sentech Squad helps you set up monitoring and transformation methods to meet market demands as well as increase service production capabilities. You will have the opportunity to quickly set up teams well trained on the latest technologies and capable of implementing industrialization methods.

Businesses are faced with daily risks that could jeopardize the sustainability of their activities. For this, Our consultants will assist you in monitoring activities through the implementation of monitoring and measurement tools in order to facilitate management. These tools will allow better control of activities and give visibility of the company in a global way.

With the demands of the current market, We offer you solutions that will give you the choice to outsource activities with attractive offers. With a strong ability to adapt, our teams will share their expertise with you and help you open up to an external market, of quality and at a lower cost.