An essential factor for the overall growth of your schools

What is Alpha-Omega SMS?

alpha-omega sms is a school management software package developed by Sentech Squad SARL.

Allows the management of all the business processes of an establishment.

Facilitates the storage, processing and analysis of digital school data.

Optimizes information processing time and facilitates the organization of administration.

Contribution for administration

Most of the repetitive tasks of administration are taken care of. Reduced administrative workload.

Dematerialization of school processes and documents for better use.

Centralization on a platform of information between the actors concerned (administration, teachers, students and parents of students)

Help with data access and report generation. Improvement of the quality of educational monitoring.

Contributions for teachers

Better educational monitoring and management of absences                       ———————–

Management of exams and grades


Improved communication with parents


Help with the distribution of course materials


Easy interaction with students

Contributions for students and their parents

-Easy accessibility to timetable and school emails.

-Consultation of the school calendar, absences, access to course materials

– Consultation of homework and exam notes.

-Payments tracking..

-Help with communication with the school administration.

Alpha-omega SMS from a technical point of view

1. With alpha-omega SMS, schools can now take advantage of technological advances to simplify, develop and modernize their operations.

2. From a technical point of view alpha-omega SMS adapts to all digital media: smartphone, tablet and computer, also available in mobile application mode on request.

3. It allows education stakeholders to access it and be informed about the activities of the school anywhere in the world thanks to its secure cloud functionality.